Le Petit Chef tea sandwiches



“HOT hors d’oeuvres”

Clams Casino

Following Items are $1.15 Each

water chestnuts wrapped in bacon
miniature ruebens
swedish meatballs; party meatballs
artichoke frittata
mini pizza bagels
quiche lorraine
shrimp quiche
spinach quiche
cocktail franks in pastry
sesame chicken fingers
cajun chicken fingers
stuffed mushrooms with herbed cheese
stuffed mushrooms with sweet sausage
asparagus rolls
lime and ginger chicken kebabs
greek potato skins
spring roll
golden parmesan chicken with garlic mayo

“Gourmet Hors D'oeuvres”

Following Items are $1.35 Each

Citrus Shrimp Platter
mini beef wellingtons
shrimp in bacon
scallops in bacon
crab & brie in phyllo
escargot in puff pastry
seared tuna with mango salsa
skewered lamb & olives
spinach & feta in phyllo
chicken quesadilla
bbq shrimp
brochette with roasted red peppers
  and goat cheese
brochette with tapanade, tomato &
deviled crab cakes
cucumber stuffed with salmon
chicken pinwheels stuffed with sun
  dried tomatoes
blackened sea scallops on toast
grilled vegetable quesadilla
mushroom stuffed with crabmeat
citrus marinated skewered shrimp
ceviche (scallops marinated in lemon
  & orange juice)
potato pancakes with sour cream, applesauce and caviar
skewered scallops - scallops,
  tomatoes, green pepper & onion
warm brie & pear tartlet
portabella tartlet
bruchetta with prosciuto, mozzarella & tomatoes
grilled polenta with gorgonzola
salmon cake with butter sauce
mozzarella & tomato skewered
pork spring rolls
zucchini & smoked mozzarella rolls
grilled potato & shallot skewers
  with mustard dip
turkey meatball with pesto
butter flied coconut shrimp
beef satay with mango dip

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