Le Petit Chef tea sandwiches



“stationary hors d’oeuvres platters”

crudités platter

$50 small/$70 large

(Assortment of fresh vegetables served with a choice of tomato garlic or dill dip)

cruditÉs & cheese platter

$100 large

(Assortment of fresh vegetables served with cubed cheeses in a basket with a choice of dips)

cheese tray

$60 small/$85 large

(A selection of domestic & imported cheeses decorated with seedless grapes)

fresh fruit tray

$60 small/$85 large

(A seasonal mélange such as cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi, orange, pineapple, grapes and oranges)

fresh fruit basket

$80 per basket

(Carved melons and the like, filled with fresh seasonal fruit, serves 25 to 30 people)

layered fresh crab

$55 per platter

(Cream cheese, cocktail sauce and lump crab meat served with party breads

Layered taco platter

$50/$55 w/ guacamole

(Ground beef, sausage, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese with sour cream and nacho chips)

Pistachio & blue cheese pate (24 oz)


salmon mousse


(A light delicate decorated mousse in the shape of a salmon)

hot crab SOUFFLÉ


(white crab meat, herbs, spices and white wine, served with French or rye bread)

hot & cheesy spinach artichoke dip




(Salmon with mushroom, dill and white wine in puff pastry)

“le petit filet mignons” platter


(40 pieces of rare to medium rare filet with béarnaise or horseradish sauce. Served with cocktail rolls or baguettes)

miniature croissants (20 per tray)


(Croissants stuffed with chicken, tuna, egg, or seafood salad)

cocktail rolls (30 per tray)


(Stuffed with ham & cheese, roast beef or turkey)

roasted red pepper tray with herbed goat cheese & french bread


prosciuto & melon balls on a pineapple tree (40 pieces)


marinated grilled baby lamb chop platter (32 per tray)


Stuffed pita platter (20 halves)



grilled vegetables & brie

roasted tomato platter (3 dz. halves)


sesame eggplant salsa

$20 per quart

(Serve with nachos or pita crisps)

pulled pork with bbq sauce


(Served with cocktail rolls on the side - 20)

refried bean dip


chili cheese dip


miniature croissants (20 PER TRAY)


(Stuffed with grilled chicken tenderloin, goat cheese and red roasted peppers, or grilled London Broil with provolone and horseradish sauce)

caviar bar


(Miniature whole wheat blinis made to order, choice of caviar. Toppoings include sour cream, chopped onion and chopped egg.)

tortellini sautÉ


(A variety of tortellini served with fresh marinara, pesto or alfredo sauce.)

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